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Thanks to Sure Prep Learning, my SAT score went up 300 points. Needless to say, I am extremely happy.

Moises L. - Student

Prep for tests, prep for success.

The old adage, “Fail to plan, plan to fail” certainly applies to SAT and ACT testing. At Sure Prep we are experts in preparing students for the biggest exams of their lives. Not only will we help them beat the tests, we’ll help them earn the high scores universities look for.

We offer test prep in a number of ways so you can pick the method that works best for your child, lifestyle and budget.

  • Group Classes—Sure Prep SAT and ACT prep group courses offer in-depth, personalized instruction with the convenience of an on-campus location.
    • 4 full-length proctored practice SAT/ACT exams
    • 6 in-depth 3-hour class lectures
    • Students learn with their friends without leaving campus
  • Blended Test Prep—Sure Prep Blended Test Prep is available at select school locations These classes feature both expert Sure Prep instruction as well as online computer instruction designed to root out problem areas that can then be addressed and remedied in real time.
    • 4 full-length proctored practice SAT/ACT exams
    • 9 in-depth 2-hour class lectures
    • Convenient on-campus locations (in select locations).
  • One-on-one Test Prep either online or in-person—For some students, one-on-one instruction is hands down the best way to go. Working with a private tutor allows your child to have the undivided attention of their instructor, which leads to greater lesson engagement and more accountability than what can be achieved in a group setting. Though One-on-one Test Prep is a premium service, the benefits are invaluable—as evidenced by Sure Prep’s history of exemplary test scores.

Sure Prep offers one-on-one test prep both online and in-person.

  • 4 full-length proctored practice SAT/ACT exams
  • 9 in-depth 2-hour in-home or online lectures
  • Convenience of in-home or Skype sessions
State Exit Exams: Don’t just pass. Pass with flying colors.

Simply put, the almighty State Exit Exams are the difference between graduating and not. No matter what big time test your student is up against, we’ll make sure they’re beyond prepared. Sure Prep specializes in test prep and we’ve helped thousands of students fly over this hurdle. Our programs are custom tailored to each individual state’s graduation and testing requirements and have been proven effective year after year.

Individual, small group or blended instruction methods are available. Simply choose what works best for your student and your lifestyle and we’ll take it from there. By the end of our tutoring program your child will be armed with the critical foundational skills most heavily tested on these exams and they will have the confidence necessary to succeed.


I wholeheartedly recommend Sure Prep Learning. My daughter's tutor went above my expectations in helping her prepare for the SAT. We were so happy with Sure Prep that we hired them again to help with the organization and review of my daughters college entrance essay. With the help of Sure Prep Learning, my daughter was accepted to her first choice college.

Andrea M. - Parent