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My tutor is a PERFECT match! I took my test on Monday, and it was just graded! I finally received my first A on a test in Honors Chemistry!

Kaycee T. - Student

Exceptional grades are just the beginning.

You may think the goal of everything we do is to improve your student’s grades and test scores in preparation for college. But our ambitions go far above that. We’re actually preparing them for life by imparting the skills and confidence they’ll need to succeed in every level of school and beyond. Here’s how:

Superior Tutor Matching

All of our tutors are exceptional educators. Our extensive screening process, expert professional development and continuous academic support make sure of that. But impeccable qualifications are just the beginning. Sure Prep ensures learning success by matching tutors and students based on 20 dimensions including important educational factors like learning and teaching style but also taking into account critical social factors such as hobbies and interests. When tutor and student have a great rapport, success follows.

Customized Learning Plans

Every student learns differently so Sure Prep tutors create customized learning plans for each individual. These learning plans can be aligned with the curriculum used in the student’s classroom so there’s never anything to relearn.

Tracking Progress

Sure Prep diligently tracks each student’s progress every step of the way. Tutors deliver notes to parents and students after each session that detail the concepts covered, progress made and areas that still need work.

Parents and students can choose between two highly effective learning methods: Private Tutoring and Online Tutoring.

Private Tutoring

Sure Prep Learning has found one-on-one instruction to be hands down the best way to maximize each student’s potential. Our private in-home and private online tutoring remove the obstacle of travel time and distance.

Our Tutors

Sure Prep Learning tutors are experienced, qualified, friendly professionals. All of our tutors use state of the art teaching techniques refined over 15 years of success. They are experts in adapting their teaching strategies to allow each student to learn in the way that is very best for him or her. As students progress, instructors set goals and targets so students are always motivated to learn more and reach higher. Better still, learning plans are aligned with the curriculum used in your student’s classroom so there’s never anything to relearn.

Sure Prep tutoring has helped over 15,000 students get better grades, prep for state exams and build confidence. Let us help your student succeed. We’ll match your child with the perfect private online or private in-home tutor.

Online Tutoring
Private online tutoring brings the nation’s best tutors home.

Sometimes the perfect tutor is right in your own backyard. Other times they’re halfway across the country. Well now thanks to Sure Prep’s Private Online Tutoring, you can choose from the cream of the tutoring crop, no matter where you live.

It works like this: First, we match your child with the perfect private online tutor using our nationwide database. Then we make it a cinch for them connect via Skype™, which can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Student and tutor can see and hear one another as if they’re in the same room—they can even share screens and use techniques like whiteboarding—which makes it easier to collaborate and learn online. Best of all, online tutoring and test prep makes time and location completely flexible, reducing stress on everyone, including you.