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2008 - 2011.

You're doing your homework.

We like that. Because nothing is more important than your child's education. It's the foundation they'll build on the rest of their life. We encourage you to study up on Sure Prep and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to raise your hand and Contact Us.


Sure Prep provides tutoring in all subjects to students ages K - 12. Since opening our doors in 2005 we have helped over 15,000 students achieve higher test scores, get better grades and increase confidence in schools throughout the United States. Our tutoring programs are incredibly effective and have a strong record of success improving academic achievement in the following areas:

  • MATH - We have the winning equation for making math faster and easier: Our methods include time-saving shortcuts, tricks for checking answers, fun word problems and math games and puzzles. We backtrack through trouble spots, fill in math gaps and help conquer math phobia with important learning strategies.
  • READING - Forget boring exercises or drills. In just weeks your child will develop better reading skills and improve reading comprehension through understanding key words, main ideas, themes and motifs, content analysis, style and structure. We also help develop reading fluency through vocabulary development, root meanings, kinetic techniques, speed-reading, chunking and scanning.
  • WRITING - Sure Prep Learning Writing Experts will help your child improve spelling, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph and narrative development. Courses are custom tailored for each student.
  • STANDARDIZED TEST PREP (SAT, ACT, PSAT, AIMS and more) - Test scores can make or break a student. One-on-one instruction has proven to be the fastest, most effective pathway to higher test scores. We provide diagnostic testing, improved subject knowledge & proven response strategies for standardized tests.

At Sure Prep Learning we pride ourselves on world-class service, personalized attention and most importantly, stellar results. We welcome the opportunity to help your student achieve his or her goals.

David Dodge, Director
Sure Prep Learning